Sounds from the Band 2007

2009 April 8
by geof

Here are some of the pieces the Gainesville Community Band played in the concerts of 2007, in MP3 format:

1. Tree City Fanfare     
by Richard W. Bowles (2.3M)
Third Suite by Robert E. Jager:

  • 2. March     
  • 3. Waltz     
  • 4. Rondo     

5. High and Mighty     
by Fred Jewell, arr. Andrew Glover (1.9M)
6. When the Saints Go Marchin' In     
arr. Myokoin (3.9M)
7. With Pleasure     
by John Philip Sousa (3.1M)
8. A Leroy Anderson Portrait     
by Leroy Anderson, arr. J Barnes (6.7M)
9. Midway March     
by John Williams, arr. John Currow (Conducted by John R. Williams, Denver CO) (4.6M)
10. Journey Through Orion     
by Julie Giroux (6.9M)
11. Try Again     
by Richard W. Bowles (Conducted by Richard W. Bowles) (3.2M)
12. Carnival - Trumpet Trio     
by Harry Warren, arr. John Edmunds (Trio = Bill Dishman, Steven Sparks, Paul McReynolds) (2.3M)
13. Gelato con Caffé     
by Toshio Mashima (3.8M)

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