Membership is open to adult musicians in the community, college students and talented high school students recommended by their directors. There must be a position open in their section (as determined by the music director), and an individual must have adequate musical ability. Interested musicians should contact the Director of the Band, Dr. Gary Langford, to set a date to attend a GCB rehearsal. The performance at the rehearsal will determine whether the performer is comfortable with his or her playing ability in relation to the group. Dr. Langford and the appropriate Section Leader will also assess whether the playing is at the necessary performing level of the group.

Membership Responsibilities and Other Information

New or Returning Members

Instrumentalists attending a rehearsal for the first time, or returning from a long absence from the Band, should introduce themselves to the Director, who will introduce them to the appropriate Section Leader. It will be the Section Leader’s responsibility to seat the player temporarily and to get the necessary forms filled out and returned. The Section Leader and Director will approve the new player for membership and will explain the responsibilities they will assume as a member of the Gainesville Community Band.


Rehearsals are important for maintaining competence and quality for the concerts. Rehearsals are normally held on Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM in the band room of Kanapaha Middle School. Map to Kanapaha Middle School. Any variation in our schedule will be announced in the Members site.

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