We have five principal groups of Patron Members for the Gainesville Community Band who provide continuing financial and other support throughout the year. If you enjoy hearing great band music, we invite you to become one of our Patron Members.


Jack Martin


Jack Bovay
Barbara & Phil Emmer Family Foundation

Music Director

Claudia & Roger Brill
Gretchen K. & Thomas M. Brill
Earle & Marcia Brown
David & Harriett Pawliger
Susan & Tom Spain

Principal Player

Bipin & Linda Ajinkya
Charles Allen
Theresa Antes
Chris & Ken Barr
Shirley Bloodworth
Susan Bolch
John & Carole Bonds
Chris & Susan Borgert
The Burke Family, Dermot & Elaine Burke
Carol & Richard Curtis
Frank Curtis
Virginia Diedeman
D. A. Fosser
Rolly Fulton
Diane Haines
Barbara B. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Hendeles
Dorothy & Jim Henderson
Sharon & Andy Hirshik
Chandler & Kathy Jones
Ray Jones
Phillip & Carol Knowles
Ralph & Bronia Lowenstein
Don & Mary Jane McGlothlin
Larry & Helen Ann Noegel
Nationwide Foundation
Rosalind Okun & Family
Karen Pearce
Michael & Judith Plaut
Alice Primack
Daryl & Bette Pring
Dan & Marcia Purcifull
Elizabeth & John Shafer
Henry & Marcia Storch
Mary Young

Section Leader

Monica Aiton
Elaine & Bob Besalski
Rhesa & Marilyn Bostick
Howard & Marian Cohen
Jackie & Bob Cotter
Jacqueline Davison
Anne & Bob Funkhouser
Leonard Furlow
Gerri & Ira Gessner
Edward & Beverly Gilbert
Laurie Gower
Marylee Harris
Mrs. Marilyn H. Jaquette
Joyce Knox
Mary G. North
Cheryl Poe
Henry & Irma Riley
Janet Roberts
Sandra Roberts
Joanne Romans
Theodore Rosov
Leslie K & Louise S Rothman
Phillip & Roslyn Slater
John & Susan Stanton
Joe Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Thorkildson
April Zink