The Silent Hills of My Childhood

2009 April 8
by geof

Our CD from the 2007-2008 season:

The Silent Hills of My Childhood (Playlist)

1. Tree City Fanfare     
, by Richard W. Bowles (3.7M)
2. Tribute to Elvis     
, by Ted Ricketts (11M)
3. March Forth     
, by R. Gary Langford (4M)
4. The Silent Hills of My Childhood     
, by George Farmer (5.9M)
5. American Salute     
, by Morton Gould/arr. Lang (7M)
6. Salute to American Jazz     
, arr. Nestico (12M)
7. Flight of the Piasa     
, by Robert Sheldon (9.2M)
8. An Irish Ayre for Winds     
, by Warren Barker (5.4M)
9. National Emblem     
, by E.E. Begley/arr. Fennell (4.3M)
10. Metroplex     
, by Robert Sheldon (7.1M)
11. Symphonic Oveture     
, by Charles Carter (7.2M)
12. Fugue on Yankee Doodle     
, by John Philip Sousa (3.4M)
13. Symphony No. 9 from the New World     
, by A. Dvorak/arr. John Kitts-Turner (18M)
14. Sleigh Ride     
, by Leroy Anderson (5M)

All pieces performed by the Gainesville Community Band.

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